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Some people dream of success.
At Life College we help make it happen.




Looking at what Bible colleges have to offer? Life College of Biblical Studies provides a quality Christian education in a relevant format, based on the teachings and principles of God’s Word. Graduates of the program leave equipped with the knowledge and resources necessary to impact today’s world for Christ.

Life College School of Biblical Studies offers a competitive range of dynamic program options among Bible schools—programs that prepare students for careers in biblical and theological studies, global studies, worship, pastoral leadership, youth ministry, women’s ministry and church ministries.

The Vision for Christian education provided an answer for the ever-growing need of students seeking graduate-level Christian theological education. 


With over 10,000 students in our network of associate schools, including both residential and online, Life College provides superior education at an affordable price range.



Scripture never stops giving, whether you  first opened a Bible 30 seconds or 30 years ago. We help you to better know and understand Scripture,   no matter where you are in the world or in your walk      with Christ. We have a network of resources to help  you take in the Word and recognize what it means for  your life. At Life College, we work together as a team of difference makers to advance the work of God in the world through scholarship, teaching, and building disciples across all levels and delivery systems of collegiate education. 


To forge an educational enterprise that would impact the world for Christ. This foundational understanding of our common purpose finds expression in the Mission Statement.

Bible-centered Curriculum


At Life College education extends beyond the academic pursuit of biblical and theological disciplines to the art of communicating biblical truth effectively. Courses in ministry and communication seek to cultivate in students sensitivity to spiritual needs, zeal for world missions, fervor in evangelism, and Spirit-filled enthusiasm for effectively communicating the Word of God.

Graduate Degree Programs


I an intensive study of the scriptures and essential truths of the Christian faith. With a focus on individuals seeking an introductory graduate degree in religion


 This program prepares students to serve as staff servant-leaders involved in non-professional counseling of church members and others in a variety of ministry settings, including churches, rescue missions, and shelters.


This program is geared toward individuals seeking an introductory graduate degree in religion for service in a supportive role in their local church.

Doctoral Degree Programs


The degree is well suited for pastors, missionaries, and other church leaders seeking professional and personal growth.



The decision to pursue a Doctor of Philosophy is a life changing opportunity. This degree provides the opportunity to improve your ministry or career, to have an impact on the lives of others, and to develop the abilities and knowledge to influence our world with a uniquely Christian apologetic.



Our world desperately needs people of courage and compassion. Life College prepares and inspires you to put the Word  into action: feeding the hungry, tending the sick and  spreading the good news. Through our missions &  outdoor ministry degree programs, you'll discover fresh, fruitful ways to better live out your faith.

Accredited with many programs of study and some of the most affordable  tuition rates among Christian universities. Courses are taught from a Christian global view. Our  support services and  Network resources also help you succeed in earning associate, bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree's and achieve success in future endeavors.


LC values missions so highly that Life College has developed an entire degree discipline on missions, called Missiology. Whether training pastors for the local church or developing leaders for the business sector, preparing Greek scholars, or equipping those tackling social justice initiatives, Life College remains steadfastly committed to the missional  life.​