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Bernie L. Wade, PhD


Florence Brooks, PhD


Lorraine Robertson



The Chancellor's Office includes the Chancellor, Dr. Berne L. Wade, and his immediate support staff, as well as the Executive Assistant to the board secretary. The Chancellor is responsible for guiding Life College  in accordance with the Board of Regents direction and for working with the Life College President in a manner consistent with the Life College mission and vision.

 Responsibilities and processes include working with the Regents and the President, board coordination, communication and logistics; presidential searches; and dealing with the media and the general public, including handling complaints and general information requests.

Operational Responsibilities and Processes

The chancellor's office provides management support and planning. It coordinates board activities, including meetings and conference calls, and handles board communications and logistics. It oversees presidential searches. And it handles media and public relations.


Bishop Wade serves as President of Life Network. He has significant success in both the business world and as a powerful and anointed conference speaker ministering all over the world with signs following.


Working with other people of like precious faith he has developed the ICOF into a network of more than 40,000 ministers representing more than 25 million people. He is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of GECC with earned doctorates in theology, divinity, Christian education and counseling. He serves on the Board of Regents of the network of universities and Bible colleges that make up the accredited non-traditional programs offered through International Circle of Faith Colleges, Seminaries and Universities.


As apostle of Life Church of Kentucky, Bishop Wade is part of a ministry team teachings people how to live for Christ in their everyday activities. He and his wife, Dr. Daisy Wade have two married children and two beautiful baby granddaughters.

Board of Regents


Life College Board of Regents, a 12-member advisory board to the Chancellor was created by the International Circle of Faith College of Bishops. Members of the Board of Regents are nominated by the Regents Candidate Advisory Counsel and appointed by President of the International Circle of Faith Global Network with the advice and consent of the President of Life College Board of Presidents, the Board of Regents and the Presiding Bishop of the International Circle of Faith Ministerial Association.

 Responsibilities of the board include developing an independent annual report on the Condition of Higher Education and issuing an annual performance review of the Chancellor and President. The board is also responsible for advising the Chancellor and the President of Life College on issues of importance affecting higher education

The mission of the ICOF Board of Regents is to ensure fulfillment of the mission of the System of Higher Education through policy determination, governance, collaboration and coordination.Well defined and differentiated institutional missions are established by the Regents to: 

  • Focus the colleges and universities efforts on excellence to avoid unwise duplication of programs and effort.

  • Serve both traditional and nontraditional students around the world and to promote efficiency and accountability.

  •  Coordinate with non-profit institutions, education, business, and governments and administer student financial aid and other programs involving worldwide participation.


  • Ralph Day-Dean of Social Media 

  • Marcus Benson – Ireland

  • Gary Garrett – Dean of History 

  • Jason Hunt- Dean of Outdoor Ministry

  • Rodrick Williams-Dean of Education

  • Johnathan Suber – Dean of Missiology

  • Cindye Coates, PhD – Dean of Apologetics

  • Lamont McNeese, PhD – Dean of Hermeneutics

  • Bernie L. Wade, Ph. D – Dean of Theology